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Overhaul of IMB

Every day new changes are being made to IMB. Be sure to keep up on everything! The new face of IMB is upon us! Yay for Iota Masta Beta 2004!

Pledge Recruitment



Prank Journal & Pledge Points

Pledge Points

As of right now it is still difficult to earn points. I constantly have pledges asking for ways to earn points that don't require graphics knowledge or scanners and the like. We need more ideas. I would like everyone to come up with three reasonable ideas for pledges to earn their points.

Our Prank Journal

We now have a prank journal. This has come out of our wish to have more wasy to earn points. With this journal, pledges can play pranks....NICE ONES....on other people and communities on LJ. There are rules concerning this journal. Using this journal is not a right. We can revoke your ability to use it so please do not abuse it. Before playing any pranks....CONSULT ME FIRST!!! IMB's image is very important to me and I do not want to take a chance on anyone harming it in any way.

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Other IMB News

Possible Meetup

Plans are in the works for a future meetup somewhere in the U.S. for IMB. The details have not been worked out yet, but so many people have said they would like to do this and they'd be willing to travel. So if you would be interested in such an event please email me at Tell me that you wouldlike to attend such an event and tell me if you can travel. All of this info is needed in order to find the best place to hold the event. I know I would attend...and I'm pretty sure I'll travel. So hopefully more of you can do this. It won't be for a while, so don't worry about any immediate expenses and such. This won't be for months....but the planning needs to start now! (Note: when sending emails regarding this....please put IMB Meetup Event in the subject box. Thanks!


Jello had some ideas about fundraising which were really great. It could be a great thing....perhaps someone would like to attend the event...but can't afford travel....etc. I'll let Jello handle the details of that. I'll have her post about it later.

Outside Promotion

We're going to be taking IMB out of LJ and putting it out in the real world! Keep on the lookout for details regarding this.

Iota Masta Beta Yahoo Group

Sorority Colors

In case you are unawares...the Iota Masta Beta colors are....Drumroll Please........BLACK, SILVER, and PINK.