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Welcome To The #1 Bitch Free Sorority

On LiveJournal.Com

     Accept NO Imitations!!!

Hey, Everyone!!! Welcome to Iota Masta Beta, the best sorority this side of LJ! We're all about fun and making friends. The goal of IMB is to provide you with a place where you can build lasting friendships. Friendships that will be there for the good and the bad in your life. First and foremost we are dedicated to NOT being nasty, bitchy, and petty! Come join and see what all of the fuss is about!
This is a Sorority dedicated to bringing people from all over together without the nastiness and bitchiness of other normal sororities.
President- Krysta (Buffy) userinfobuffysdabomb20
Vice President- Gina userinfoginamarie973
Pledge Captain- Nisha userinfostarlightdancr
Secretary- Michelle userinfomyshellvixen
Graphic Consultant-Jello- userinfoindustrikitty

Amy- userinfodisposabledoll

Nicole- userinfoerics_babygirl
Katarina- userinfoqueen_shadow
Amanda- userinfopink_is_pimp
Kathy- userinfoxplayd0hx

Adrianne- userinfomarkysgirl
Tracy- userinfotenebrosity






Hopefully everyone who joins will find at least one fellow sister with whom they relate to and can be good friends with on LJ and maybe even off of it.


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